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The S&T Wiki is now back![edit]

This is the old wiki, upgraded to MediaWiki 1.40. The old version was broken by a mandatory PHP upgrade conducted on the shared server where this is hosted. It needs updating to reflect the current officers and programme but at least when you visit it you don't get a slew of error messages.

I had some problems with spam accounts, so I've restricted account creation rather severely. You can always ask me to create an account for you.

Steve Hemingway

Now planning meetings for the 2022 Season[edit]

Please get in touch if you know of a suitable speaker or would like a specific topic addressed.

2022 Programme[edit]

I am currently working on the 2022 programme. I hope to have talks on the following subjects:

- Dark Matter,

- Quantum computing,

- Cyptocurrencies,

- Applied Artificial Intelligence (speaker from DeepMind),

- Exploring Space (Nicole Stott),

- Autonomous vehicle liability,

- Use of psychedelic drugs in treatment of mental illness,

- The Chinese social credit system (or related).

If you have a comment, please get in touch, especially if you can refer me to a suitable speaker on any of the topics above.