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2019 Programme[edit]

Month Day of Month Speaker Title
February 12th Alan Costley Small-scale Nuclear Fusion.
March 12th Kevlin Henney When Software Fails and What It Means for the Rest of Us
April 2nd Robert Plomin ''Blueprint'': How DNA makes us who we are
May 7th Dmitry Kaminskiy Longevity
June 4th Emrah Düzel Memories are made of this
September 11th Nessa Carey Hacking the Genetic Code - How Gene Editing Will Rewrite Our Futures
October 1st Sheena Cruickshank Immunology
November 5th Professors Sir Nigel Shadbolt and Annabelle Gawer Big Data - the rise of the the Tech Giants and the consequences of their ownership of our personal data

2018 Programme[edit]

Month Day of Month Speaker Title
February 21st Dr James Luke Recent Developments in Artificial Intelligence
March 14th Mr Simon Wright Gene Editing and Intellectual Property Law
April 25th Prof David Howey Energy storage technologies - batteries and beyond
May 23rd Dr Mohammed Al-Ubaydli Patient-Centred Medicine
June 12th Dr Vinton G Cerf Google and the Internet
September 18th Mr Romain Kidd 3D Printing
October 15th Prof Paul Newman Mobile Autonomy
October 28th Dr Gary McLean Towards a Vaccine for the Common Cold

2017 Programme[edit]

Our meetings in 2017 were as follows:

Month Day of Month Speaker Title
February 15th Prof Martyn Thomas Cybersecurity
March 15th Prof Anil Seth Machine Consciousness
April 19th Prof Peter Wilson Anti-Microbial Resistance.
May 16th, Dr Giles Yeo Are your genes to blame if your jeans don't fit?
June 21st Prof Stephen Devereux CAR(T)s, BiTes, checkpoints and weaponised antibodies.
September 20th Dr Paolo Tasca Bitcoins and the Blockchain
October 18th Prof J A Madrigal Stem cell therapies.
November 22nd Dr Uday Phadke How to give Tech Businesses Scale

2016 Programme[edit]

Our meetings in 2016 were as follows (alphabetical order):

Speaker Title
Prof Dame Celia Hoyles Challenges for mathematics teaching & learning in the digital age
Prof David Nutt Time for science, not nonsense, to drive UK drug and alcohol policies?
Prof Geoff Targett What will it take to end Malaria?
Prof Graham Rook The failure of the human-microbe partnership, its consequences, and what we can do about it
Sir Richard Sykes The impact of Science and Technology on the development of the NHS
Dr Roger Highfield Cosmonauts: The Birth of the Space Age
Dr Tim Leunig Thinking scientifically about the school curriculum


The following list shows some of the speakers who who have given talks to our group and are better known to the general public:

  1. Lord Martin Rees Earth's Final Century? What Chance Change? (2007)
  2. Bjørn Lomborg Thoughts from a Sceptical Environmentalist (2007)
  3. Steve Jones Why Creationism is Wrong and Evolution is Right (2007)
  4. Lord (John) Krebs Organic Food: Is it a Con? (2008)
  5. Ziauddin Sardar The Relationship between Islam and Science (2008)
  6. Michael Marmot Health Inequality and What To Do About It (2008)
  7. Chris Rapley Great While It Lasted. What Next? (2009)
  8. Karol Sikora Can We Afford Decent Cancer Care For All? (2010)
  9. Lord (Robert) May Systemic Risk: from Ecosystems to Banking Systems (2010)
  10. Lord Oxburgh A Secure and Affordable Energy Supply: Pipe Dream or Reality? (2011)
  11. Hermann Hauser - Microprocessors and All That (2011)
  12. Simon Singh Libel Laws and Science (2011)
  13. Jocelyn Burnell The World of Radio Astronomy (2012)
  14. David King The Sustainability Struggle (2012)
  15. Sir Paul Nurse Funding Science Research (2012)
  16. Colin Blakemore What's Special about the Human Brain? (2012)
  17. Marcus du Sautoy The Importance of Mathematics Education (2012)
  18. Anthony Ryan Human Acceleration of the Nitrogen Cycle (2013)
  19. David Spiegelhalter Understanding Risk (2014)
  20. Uta Frith A Little Bit Autistic? (2015)
  21. Sir Richard Sykes, The Impact of Science and Technology on the Development of the NHS (2016)
  22. Vint Cerf, The Future of the Internet (2018)

This is the exhaustive list of our speakers.